Firefox 122 on Windows 8.1 (got it running)


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Hi everyone, just wanted to share this. I'm currently using Firefox 115, but... I managed to install Firefox 122 x64 on Windows 8.1, and it runs pretty well.

1. You have to manually download the official package of the version you want (from Mozilla)
2. Unzip it (using 7zip), inside the decompressed folder you will find the Firefox app (.exe), it won't run
3. Download CFF Explorer and install
4. Using CFF Explorer, open Firefox.exe and edit 2 flags (details on the video)
5. Save, and run, it doesn't need installing, it runs inside that folder, and it works fine

I have no idea of any differences between this and the official extended support version, all I know is it works (Firefox is by far my fav browser).

Here you can watch the whole video with the instructions. I didn't come up with this, I don't know who did, I guess... credits go to the author of the video


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