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File sharing permission problem, asking for a walkaround

Dear all,
Sorry for my bad English.

I have my machine (named SANTO) running windows 8.1 with extra hard drive (Z:) setting as shared drive (Z) in a network and people will access to the files with my local account (say user SANTO\tttm1).
tttm1 belongs to localgroup (SALE) in SANTO along with many other users. I have a folder (say "Report") on Z and I want only tttm1 can edit contents in "Report" folder but not anyone else in SALE. (everyone can read)

Aside from grant allow to edit to tttm1 and deny to every single other user in SALE, is there anyway to do it faster? I have many folder like this one and each for an user in SALE....

As far as I know, deny SALE and allow tttm1 will end up with tttm1 cannot edit because deny will overwrite allow

Thank you for your time

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