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Solved File History Does Nothing


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I've used Windows 8 File History for awhile to backup my laptop to my server. In the last few months, it simply stopped working. It's on (enabled) and it says the last history was done 5/21/2013. If I click "Run now", it seems to run for a few seconds, then completes (no messages other than the small status saying it's running at that time) and still says last history was done 5/21/2013.

I checked the logs and there's only one error: it says there's a specific document file on my desktop it can't backup. It gives no further explanation. It just says it will no longer attempt to backup that file again unless it changes. I can open the file and attempt the backup again and just get the same anonymous error. In either case, the backup does nothing. If I don't edit file file, the backup (history) will run ever so briefly and then not exhibit any errors.

I turned off file history and turned it back on and got the same results.

So, how do I get this to work?

EDIT: well I found out that it's having trouble writing to the shared drive. It didn't report that as an error, so it took me awhile to find it. It would be nice if Windows 8 File History said a little something about the history failing due to inability to write a share.
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