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File History bug?


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So a few weeks ago I enabled File History on my work laptop and have it backing up to my external drive. I have about 3GB worth of data in my profile and today I ran out of storage. I went to look at my File History and basically it has backed up my profile data daily regardless of whether I had made a change to the file or not. I don't see anywhere in the settings where you can choose to only do changed files and I believe that's what it's supposed to do anyway. I've had to delete all but recent files in order to make space because the minimum choice of 1 month wasn't enough to match any files.

Anyone know of any hidden settings or tricks to get it to only backup changed files?

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You are correct, it's only supposed to grab any files whose NTFS change journal has been modified since the last time it has run. If it's changed, it copies the file again and puts a timestamp into the file name. Any chance you have some utility or something that is somehow modifying that change journal on a daily basis

I've played with this tool a bunch, but it's very rudimentary. For example, if you rename a file, it's not linked in any way to the old file. And if you delete the original and recreate the original file again, it ties them together.

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