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File Explorer - Turn Off File Explorer Search


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The Problem:

I am trying to modify filenames in a folder using File Explorer that contains hundreds of filenames. My goal is to type a character and automatically go to the first filename in the folder that begins with that character. What is currently happening is when I press a character in File Explorer a Search Dialog Box appears and automatically begins a process displaying all filenames in the folder that contain the character I typed.

My Questions:

Is there a way of turning off the File Explorer Search Dialog Box?
Is there a way of have File Explorer default to simple first character searches?

What I Have Tried:

(1) In Services (Local) if changed Window Search from Enabled to Disabled and rebooted my computer. This had no change.

(2) I tried to research the problem on the Internet and found only solutions to this problem for Windows 7. It seems that in Windows 7 you can go into Control Panel->Turn Windows Features On or Off and a dialog box called Window Features appears. There should be a feature called Window Search in the list. You uncheck the box and this fixes the problem. I do not have Windows Search in the Window Feature list. That is why I am assuming that is not a Window 8 solution.

(3) I searched the Registry Editor on some key words but could not find anything relating Window Explorer Search

I am currently running Windows 8.1

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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