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Factory Reset To 8.1 from 10 Now Cant Log In


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Hello, this is my first post so I hope I explain this correctly. I bought a new Alienware 15 which came preinstalled with Win 8.1, I updated to W10 and after a lot of updates and messing in W10 I got it to work really well. Over the weekend I took the most current W10 main update and it screwed my computer up (black screens, for ever boot ups, lost 2nd HDD upon restarts, etc) so I decided to factory restore Win 8.1 and then go back to Win 10 from there. Anyway, after going through the Alienware Respawn program to get back to Win 8.1. Once the restore was complete I started to log in where I received a message that I must be online to log in the first time. After clicking on the network icon in the lower left corner there was no network to show up which means that my network drivers either didn't migrate during the restore or my network card isn't working period. Anyway, is there a method to side step the log in or to update the drivers outside of the system. Otherwise my $2k gaming laptop bought less than a month ago is a 8 pound paper weights.

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