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Extremely slow download speed.

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 8 my download speed has been drastically slow. The difference is with most people is that my connectivity is fine, the bars are all highlighted in the icon. I can easily jump from one page to another w/o any connection issues. It's just when I download files - no matter how small they might be.

And it's not just the files - but in my Programs in my computer, like my Audio engineering programs I use or loading up as simple as MP3 files. All that takes soooooo much longer to load than before when I had 7. It's extremely annoying and I thought it'd be the complete opposite since I'm upgrading NOT downgrading.

I'm running on a Wireless router, my friend uses her computer downstairs with her own Router that I'm latched onto. Is there anyway I can fix this by updating the driver for the connection speed or something? It's really bad for me when I'm working in my engineering programs as it takes too long to load up my music as well as the download times to download simple files that don't even have that much KB or MB on them.

Much appreciated if anyone could help me out.

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To possibly isolate the source of problem, can your try connecting via Ethernet? Also, you might find it advantageous to try connecting directly to modem via Ethernet. An updated driver for the router might solve the problem. And, so might updating the router's firmware.

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