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External monitor duplicates the screen but not detected in Windows


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I bought a USB to HDMI/VGA adapter, installed its driver - which was built in its memory - using my Intel HD Graphics because when I tried to run it via GTX the driver was occurring an error. When the driver was installed an extra program appeared on my desktop: a normal program, just for managing the adapter. [The manual of my adapter is in the attached files]
After configuring the adapter I finally tried connecting it to a monitor via VGA. I use this monitor every day via HDMI to VGA adapter and it's working perfectly. So when I connected my monitor to the adapter USB to HDMI/VGA it was now displaying the same screen as a monitor of my laptop, so just duplicated the main screen. Okay, so I tried switching it to extend the screen not to duplicate, but when I came to "Screen resolution" in Windows I got shocked. The external screen was not detected by windows, so I tried clicking "detect" but also nothing happened. It is quite strange, isn't it? External monitor duplicates my screen but it is not detected in Windows. I suppose it might be something in windows that can somehow block driver/program options so that the driver works but doesn't work fully correctly. It can also be a problem of the driver of course however, it seems to be working fine, I also attach logs of the driver, it seems that the driver did the work and thinks it should be detected, however, I might be wrong.
My video graphics card (Intel and Nvidia - however Nvidia does nothing here (in this problem)) are up to date.
Via the HDMI to VGA adapter the monitor is detected correctly.
I also attach a photo of the laptop and the monitor with its screens.
What do you think? What can be a problem?


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Did you find out what the problem was? I have the same issue but it was working fine 2 hours ago so either somebody was on my pc and changed something or it just died.

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