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External hard drive error (code 43)


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Hey all, im new to this site as so pointers to make my posts better would be great.

However ive got a problem that i cant find an answer to on the internet.
I got given an Asus X555L laptop running windows 8.1 for christmas and i wanted to transfer my files over to it. so i moved all my music documents and films from my old laptop to a seagate 500gb hard drive. Now ive plugged it in my new laptop (the Asus) and i get an area message pop up "USB device not recognised" i dived a little deeper and found the error , code 43 Device Descriptor Request Failed. does anybody know a quick fix so i can access my files on the hard drive?
Many Thanks
Joe Smith

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Mark Phelps

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There is a very, very long thread on MS forums about this problem and, essentially, the person solved it initially by rebooting into Safe mode (disabling all the startup apps and drivers), and the drive then worked OK.

They then went through the painstaking and tedious process of re-enabling startup things, one at a time, and through it all, the drive kept working. When done, they had everything running, and the drive was still working.

So, you should try booting in Safe mode, with all the startup items disabled, to see if that works.

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