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explorer.exe system warning unknown hard error help me res


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hey guys.... made an account in the hopes you might be able to help me.

right, we borrowed the wifes folks laptop hp 655 (win 8), while i repaired the hdd on ours.... when i came home today the wifes says the laptop is acting up, when i turn it on there is an error popup saying explorer.exe system warning unknow hard error. there is only a couple of tiles in the metro view. cant mind what they were. so all of their programs have been lost.

if i go to the recyle bin (the only way i can view the c:\ files) i can see everything is there. now if i click the close button on the popup or say ok, it starts going mental, logging in and out, and bouncing from metro to desktop.... cant stop it.

i can boot into safe mode.... still no files there. i dont think they have created a restore point, so thats out the question...... what the hell is causing this!!!???

googling it people are saying delete the load reg key in hkey-currentuser\software\microsoft\windowsnt\currentversion\windows but there is non there.....

any people know how to solve this?

any help would be appreciated... thanx guys.

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