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Event ID 16385 - Failed to schedule Software Protection...

I get the message below every 30 seconds as listed in Event Viewer -

Failed to schedule Software Protection service for re-start at 2117-06-29T04:18:54Z. Error Code: 0x80070002.

I referred to some posts on this issue on this forum and elsewhere but can't get a fix on this, as I don't have any folder or entry in Task Scheduler named SoftwareProtectionPlatform

These entries in Event Viewer (attached screenshot) show since 11-Jul-2017, around the time when I sought help from Norton Support regarding some virus/trojan issue (which they confirmed was hoax messages after remote access to my PC on 11th/12th July 2017). While I observed the activities done by Norton Support team member who provided some help over Remote Access thru LogMeIn s/w, I didn't find them tinkering with any Windows setting as such. NS just ran their own tool to check and clear any issues with their Norton S/w (none found) or any Windows fixes. They just reset my IE11 and also stopped the Superfetch service in windows (turned from Automatic to Disabled). Wonder what has been causing these series of entries titled Security-SPP in my Event Viewer.

Would be helpful if someone can share a fix for this issue. Hope Windows is not corrupted badly for me to consider a System Recovery (from Hidden Partition, as it's an HP notebook with licensed Win'8.1) !!



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