enabling uac makes user profile corrupt?


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I had got uac disabled for a long time, I never liked it anyway, nor do I think that it helps in anything, so I'm disabling it on any machine I can,

anyway, I wanted to run "mail, calendar and people" store app, but I couldn't open store because of uac off,
so first I tried with "tweakuac" utility (which enables uac but keeps it silent),
after reboot my profile got corrupt! And I couldn't solve it with the common registry methods I read on google,
restored from acronis backup after a couple of hours and start over,
this time I turned on uac (to the lowest level), restarted and again my profile got corrupt!
is this normal?

I even tried to create a new profile and copy my files over from the corrupt one,
but my desktop still looked ugly, still a lot of work to be done,

the funny thing is that I got to try the "mail, calendar and people" store app only to find out that
I couldn't add my work email account! (which I managed to do so on my windows 10 laptop,
so is this app different on 8.1? looked like a bit older version to me)


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