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Easier Process for Enabling/Disabling Bluetooth Devices?


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Bought a quality Bluetooth adapter on Amazon that is plug n play. I will utilize this bluetooth adapter from my PC to Soundbar to stream music and movies. However, the process to transition from Headset to Soundbar is tedious, but there has to be an easier way?

I currently game with my Wireless Astro A50 headset. When streaming music, I prefer to use my Samsung Soundbar equipped to my TV. Is there a program or something that I can easily enable my Soundbar with the Bluetooth besides the process below?

Process: After I turn on discover mode on Soundbar, I need to search for "Bluetooth" on PC to open up Bluetooth Settings. My Soundbar is listed as "Paired". However, it really isnt. So i need to "Remove Device", wait for 15-25 seconds for my Soundbar to be discovered again. After pairing it again, its finally connected. But then I'll still need to switch the Playback Device via Sound Settings.

(One thing i miss about my Mac, it was very easy to enable bluetooth devices on the fly.

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