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Dual-Booting windows 8.1 with Arch Linux


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Hey guys,

I'm an advanced windows user but am unsure about dual-booting as I have never attempted it before.
I am going to dualboot on my windows 8.1 laptop -

Asus Vivobook S550CM
8GB Ram
Nvidia GT 635m 2GB DDR3
Intel i5 3337u Quad Core

. But I also want to dual boot to Arch Linux

would i be able to do so and can i get a tutorial

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For UEFI you can study following technet page on how to prepare UEFI partitions for Windows 8.1

On the above page you'll find a script ( link with example at the end ) which you can use to format your hard drive, what is missing in the above script is to create extra partition which would be used for linux.
I'm not familiar with arch installation setup but here is their link about UEFI:

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