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Dual boot and Windows 8 reset


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Well, I had a dual booted machine booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu.
Windows 8 was starting to play up so I decided to completely reset the computer. I backed everything up, booted to Windows 8 and hit the 'Reset PC' button.
After answering some questions (full erase, whole disc etc), it informed me that it was going to restart. I clicked accept.

Short Story:
- Corrupted Windows 8 partition
- Corrupted Windows 8 recovery partition

Long Story:
Instead of rebooting back to anything, I got left sitting at a grub rescue prompt. From there I told it to boot windows 8.
I then spent five minutes staring at the booting screen. Nothing happened.

I powered off and tried again, this time pointing grub rescue at the windows 8 recovery loader partition
Well, initially that looked like it worked. I got the nice metro UI, and chose 'reset this PC' It then informed me that the recovery partition was missing some files.
The only other option was to shut down.

I tried booting just plain windows 8 again, but had the same problem as before (nothing happening), And now when I try to boot the recovery loader, Grub tells me the EFI file isn't where it expects it to be. (Interestingly, how are you meant to boot to this without having a non-windows bootloader?)

Additional Details:
Computer: HP Envy M6-1206TX. Pre-installed with Windows 8. Bought about 1 month, 1 week ago.

The Questions:
Since windows 8 came pre-installed, I don't have a Windows 8 disc, are there any possibilities for me to get back windows 8? (other than contacting the store I purchased it from)

After going through the license agreement, my interpretation is that I still have a license for Windows 8, but I am not under their limited warranty (due to dual booting). I do not wish to buy another license, as I already have one.

One last question:
If you acquired the software on a disc or other physical media, your proof of license is the genuine
Microsoft certificate of authenticity label with the accompanying genuine product key
Neither my laptop, nor the box, nor any of the paperwork provided in it had this 'certificate of authenticity.'
I suppose that means I have no legal rights to the software. Who’s fault is this, HP, Microsoft, or the store I bought it from?


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Welcome to EightForums

information   Information

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.

You can use the HP/Compaq version of
warning   Warning
Deleting the Recovery Partition is NOT RECOMMENDED

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?


HP/Compaq said:
Creating HP Recovery media

HP Recovery Manager is a software program that offers a way to create recovery media after you
successfully set up the computer. HP Recovery media can be used to perform system recovery if the
hard drive becomes corrupted. System recovery reinstalls the original operating system and the
software programs installed at the factory, and then configures the settings for the programs. HP
Recovery media can also be used to customize the system or aid in the replacement of a hard drive.

HP/Compaq said:
Using System Diagnostics

System Diagnostics allows you to run diagnostic tests to determine if the computer hardware is
functioning properly.
To start System Diagnostics:
1. Turn on or restart the computer, quickly press esc, and then press f2.
2. Click the diagnostic test you want to run, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Try press F11 for Recovery Option.

HP/Compaq said:
You can initiate this option by using the f11 key or from the Start screen.
To use the f11 key:
1. Press f11 while the computer boots.
– or –
Press and hold f11 as you press the power button.

Using HP Recovery media to recover

You can use HP Recovery media to recover the original system. This method can be used if your
system does not have an HP Recovery partition or if the hard drive is not working properly.
1. If possible, back up all personal files.
2. Insert the first HP Recovery disc you created into the optical drive on your computer or into an
optional external optical drive, and then restart the computer.

HP/Compaq said:
? If the HP Recovery media do not work, you can obtain recovery media for your system from the
HP website. For U.S. support, go to Contact HP / Customer Service | HP® Official Site. For worldwide support, go
to Contact HP Worldwide | HP® Official Site.

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I do not have the recovery discs, because I do not want to spend half the price of the OS itself on buying DVD's or a flash-drive. (I honestly don't know anyone who's bothered to burn 6 DVDs or buy a dedicated 22gb flash-drive).

System Diagnostice did not provide anything helpful and I'd already been to the recovery options.

I played a bit more and found that the BCD file had become corrupted. I got myself a windows command line, and attempted to rebuild it with:
>>>bootrec /rebuildbcd
However it hit numerous problems.

I never was using Windows 8 for anything other than playing games, so I've decided to get rid of it. If I want it again I'll just have to buy another copy I suppose.

My Computer

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    Ubuntu 13.04, Trisquel formerly tri-booted with windows 8