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Solved Dreamspark Win8 license: upgrade or system builder?


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As a student, I have a free key for Windows 8 Pro 64 via my school's Dreamspark Premium account, and have just purchased an mSATA for my laptop.

I’d like to going from my current setup of:

HDD = boot drive & data drive, with Windows 7 Pro 64


mSATA = boot drive, with clean install of Windows 8 Pro 64 from Dreamspark Premium
HDD = wiped, then used as data drive

I’d prefer to nuke all the content on my HDD from orbit during this process.

--> Does anyone know whether Dreamspark Premium Win8 Pro licenses can be used as "clean install" licenses (i.e. are they System Builder)?
-->Even if they don't, will the installer detect the Win7 install on the HDD an allow a Win8 "upgrade" onto the new, clean mSATA?

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