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Downloads Folder messed up in 8.1 64-Bit


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Hi guys!
First off,i have tried doing some research as to a fix to my problem and have not been able to find a solution.
The problem is as follows:
I have no idea what exactly i have done to cause this,but my downloads folder in the navigation pane as well as in the "This PC" window links to the Desktop Folder,whenever i try to change Location via Properties,one changes with the other.The Icon is still that of the Downloads folder,the contents are exactly those of the Desktop folder though and every change inside the folder like adding a file is applied to the other "Location" as well. I do intend on having the Downloads folder on a seperate HDD from the System,as my SSD space is limited and i expect a lot of traffic to come through that folder.

Almost forgot to mention this:Both Folders are named Desktop in the Nav Pane under This PC.It does not let me change the name in Properties and i also don't know how to remove/add folders to that specific section.

It is kind of annoying as i use that navigation pane quite a lot! I would like to avoid a full reinstall if possible.
I have tried workarounds like using the Favorites section and the Libraries section in the Nav Pane but those aren't really satisfactory.
I have also tried deleting the Registry Key for the Downloads Folder under "NameSpace" and importing the one from my Laptop running the exact same OS,which wasn't successful either.

I believe i may have accidentially made some kind of Link happen between these two folders during my last fresh installation,i am absolutely clueless as to what exactly that was or how to fix it. Maybe someone here can advise?

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time and having the willingness to help!

PS: I wanted to include screenshots made with LightShot,but am unsure whether the links are permitted or entailed in the forum rule concerning links.
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