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Display reports wrong resolution


This is a minor annoyance is all but it's driving me crazy.
I have a Dell touch monitor that is 1920x1080 and I have a 55in TV that is also 1920x1080
Both of these displays report as that resolution in the display properties of win 8.1 x64
However when extending the displays the full resolution is only 3456x1080 so it doesn't recognize the full 3840 width.
I also use this same computer in a different house with the same Dell monitor but a 40in Samsung tv and windows does report a full 3840 width.
Now I've checked the settings on the tv and I didn't see any setting that might affect this anomaly.

Any ideas on why the difference? I'm just curious more than anything else. The only problem is correcting the icon postions when changing the tv that's connected.

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