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Disk0 recovery partition empty - custom recovry image path


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Windows 8.1
ASUS A55A with drives C & D
I bought the PC with Windows 8 preinstalled

I did both a recovery drive & a custom recovery image in April 2014. I think I checked the option to delete old disk images or similar (I do not remember clearly this)

Now when I look at disk management I see in Disk0 3 empty (healthy) recovery partitions of 20 gigas, 900 MB & 350 MB.

I have a file in path thisPc/D/WindowsImageBackUp/Asus of around 52 GB. This could be the custom image I did in April, but I am not certain.
When I do CMD command diskpart I get "ASUS"
I put a docx file with print screens on this as attachment

1) should I do something about the 3 empty recovery partitions?
2) what should I do to ensure that in case I need to do refresh or reset I get again Windows 8.1 (not Windows 8) and all settings and apps as recent as possible?


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