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Disable Internet Explorer on one logon profile?


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Hi Guys,
Im setting up a Windows 8 machine in a salon. I have set up two logons, one Admin with Administator rights and password protected and one User with Standard rights with no password.
The User profile is for empoyees to access a Salon database. The salon does not want employees to have internet access.

I have kept internet explorer installed so that the Admin can have access. I have crippled internet explorer on the User profile by changing the proxy server to which works but I wouldn't take a savy employee too long to get around it.

I do not want to completely deinstall internet explorer (Programs and Features - Turn programs off) from the whole machine as a remote login program I use called Splashtop stops working when I do.
Also if I Set Default Programs and change access to internet explorer under User then it disables it on Admin and allows it on User! Exactly the opposite of what I want to achieve!

Any ideas on a easy way to disable browser access on one logon only?

Once it is all up and running I could remove internet explorer completely and install Firefox portable on the Admin profile but if I can keep IE with Splashtop I would prefer it.


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