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Destroyed Hard Disk


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past few days, due to blue screens of win10 of my laptop and its been looping in repairs and reboots (could still boot into safe mode though, and reinstall did not help), i tried to fix by factory reset with the generated usb bootable recovery flash drive

but becoz of a stuck in the middle and overlooked the procedures, i had accidentally done with CLEANs and CONVERTED TO PGT for all the two existing disk partitions.

and then it could not boot anything at all, and only showed PXE-E61 error, as well as no boot device found.

So what reliable and safe softwares might i use on usb flash drive to boot up the system so that I may format the hard disk?

but as it could not boot up the factory usb bootable flash drive, i am not sure if, due to the current status of hard disk (not only no boot found but also not recognized?), the system had already lost some fundamental drivers to read from different pheripherals

Please help.

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