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Desktop Icons unstable: move, change, image change


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Friends I need your help.
I have one [and only one] Windows 8.1 laptop system in a production environment that insists on randomly rearranging desktop icons. There are 2 other laptops in the same office, configured in much the same fashion, plugged into large desktop monitors the same way, that do not exhibit this evil vile behavior. I don't know what is causing it nor how to remedy.

none of the three has dedicated GPU: all are recent vintage systems using variants of intel HD "gpu"s: one lenovo, one hp, one acer [the troubled one]. the only diff is that the problem laptop gets picked up and taken away sometimes. I noticed myself that if I open the lid and boot up the system I'll get a different look to the desktop than when plugged in to the monitor [other than the obvious scaling adjustments]. Icons will move and change appearance, sometimes scaling differently than other times. there is NO auto-arranging selected, no snap to grid. like most people, the user very much needs to set the icons manually and have them remain stable.

any ideas what is going on or how to remedy?

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