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Dell Monitor Resolution so very wrong? (help)


New Member
Just installed windows 8 its great, a bit slow but i assume it will become faster in the next few months,

Anyway plugged my hp laptop into my external Dell ST2420L monitor (HDMI) and the resolution is completly wrong
And not only is the resolution wrong but there is a black gap all around the display around 2 inches think

Is this a driver problem, and if so anyone know what driver i need to install?
Or if its not what i need to do?

Cheers guys,

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You will need to locate a Windows 8 Video Card driver for the video card that is installed in your HP computer. You should be able to get a video card driver from the HP drivers website. I cannot say if HP has windows 8 drivers for your computer. Once you have the driver installed you should be able to adjust the resolution.

Thank You,
Dell-Jesse L
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