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Dell laptop


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Richard E. Herzog
My computer is a Dell laptop Inspiron 5551. /8.1 . It was purchased July,2015. I am
the only user. It has developed a glitch and I would like to know if the problem
is software or hardware. It automatically goes to sleep approximately
every 2 minutes unless there is activity such as a Utube video which will play
through without interuption. I have set all the sleep times to (never) and other
settings. This does not help. I have shut down and removed the battery for at
least 30 minutes After reinstalling the battery.which indicates 100%. Still goes
to sleep every 2 minutes. Everything else on this computer works . Have you ever
ran into a problem like this? Can you fix this? If this problem is mother board,
I would consider buying a new computer. I hope you have an answer for me. I have
tried {USFIX a paid tech company) and after trying for hours they were unable to
solve this problem. Best Buy said they can fix it but they want $200. I can buy
a compareable new Dell computer for $279.
Richard E. Herzog

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Do an Inplace Upgrade - Reinstallation of Windows 8.1

Download the latest Windows 8.1 Setup Media
And run the installer (Setup.exe) from within your current Host windows 8.1

You will end up with a new windows installation and the old version will be placed in the Windows.old Folder

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"Phelps Helps"
You likely don't need to buy a new computer or get your computer repaired. Edit your sleep settings in Group Policy. If you disable sleep in Group Policy, your computer will not sleep anymore.
  • Open a Command Prompt and type MMC and hit ENTER. This will bring up Microsoft Management Console.
  • Choose File then Add/Remove Snap-In.
  • Under Available snap ins (left pane) choose Group Policy Object Editor, then click the Add button in the middle of the window. This will bring up the Group Policy Wizard. If Local Computer is in the window, click Finish.
I'll give you the remaining steps from memory, because I am at work, and I don't have permission to run Group Policy Editor here at the job.
  • You want to select "Computer", not "User". The last choice under either Computer or User will start with an "A". Expand that choice in the Computer section, then expand System, then Power Options.
  • Click on Sleep Settings. Go through all of the sleep settings, setting timeout values to zero (which will disable auto-sleep) for every option where that is a choice. Disable hybrid sleep. Make sure that auto sleep is disabled or has a zero timeout for all options where that choice is available.
If you disable autosleep in Group Policy, it will actually be disabled.

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    Linux Mint 18.2 xfce 64-bit (host OS) / Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit (virtual machine)
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    Dell Inspiron 3847
    12 GB
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    Acer 23"
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    1920 x 1080
    Hard Drives
    Two hard drives, 1TB each: One for Linux, one for my data.
    IBM Model M
    Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
    Sophos (Linux), Windows Defender (Windows)
    Other Info
    I use Samba to share my data drive with the other computers at my house.

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