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DDE Server ... The memory could not be read


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At shutdown I sometimes get "DDE Server Window Explorer.exe - program error; The memory could not be read". I upgraded from an old Win7 install yesterday which has had no similar errors ever and is very "clean" (several installed programs but not cluttered, it is essentially a backup I made before I started to actually use the PC). And I also find it strange that I get memory access error while trying to shut down (via the virtual button in the bottom right corner), I mean, if I was trying to start an application and then got such an error I would suspect that application, but during shutdown, nothing is being started, it is being.. shut down.

And when I try to start the PC iy doesn't start immediately, does some error searching first

2 days ago I tried the same upgrade from Win7 and couldn't dind the shutdown button (!) in windows so I pressed the PC's button (hoping it would shut down, although it was set to power save mode in Win7) and then got "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONEPAGED_AREA", which lead to autorepair forever, I couldn't get it to work. At that time I had kept all programs in win7, including Comodo Firewall which doesn't support Win8 in that version and caused a couple of popups when I started Windows but I thought it simply didn't start. anyway, I uninstalled Comodo and some other stuff before making a new attempt at upgrading Win7 to Win8 and it seems to work better now but not good.

Possibly similar issues:
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Another peculiar thing is that one of the appliccations that is supposed to starta at windows start (listed in autostart tab of tast mgr) does not get started. Strange. I can start it manually once Windows is up, no problem.

BTW, does Win8 previes releases come regularly or is there only one? I mean in case this means win8 won't work with my installation, might I just as well give up and stick to win7 then or is there any reason to think this error will go away?

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