Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Audio card

Hello. please. I have the same problem like a someone here: Help with only 2 speakers working on 5.1 setup ...sounblaster xfi - BUT on my x-fi xtreme music ( and i don´t know how to turn on 5.1 speakers :( . It is still working such a 2.0/2.1

1 - 2/2.1 speakers
2 - select 5.1
3 - selected 5.1 for a 1-2 seconds
4 - it is back to 2/2.1 :(

I installed Creative Console Launcher in administrator + Win 7 compatibility and in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\Console Launcher\ConsoLCu.exe" - just how it should work. And i tryied it without it and with that Enable X-Fi CMSS-3D option and with-out it...

i was trying to install this: Daniel_K's Official Blog "P17X_SupportPack_3_0" and it couldn´t find device :( .

some idea? :(

edit: i have sound working, craphic card is recognized. But it is working only in 2/2.1 setting.
I bought 5.1 speakers: which is correctly put to card. and :( i don´t know what to do :( .

edit: today (02. May 2019) i solved this problem. Just reinstal whole Windows 10 64/32bit and instal drivers. There is no other way. You must reinstall windows 10, after then it will be working correctly. Good luck !.
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