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Created a DVD with photos on it. Now it cannot be opened?

Windows 8.1.
Used whatever Copy / Paste software comes with 8.1
Edge is my Browser.
I have a full copy of the photos on my C: Hard Drive.
The DVD DVD had a full 4.7GB's unused.
It was then Formatted.
I then Copied the photos I wanted and Pasted them to it.
The System spent about 1/2 hour writing them to the DVD.
I believe the Session was closed.
The System indicates there is only about 500MB's left unused on the DVD.
I try and open the DVD to confirm the photos are there and the System says this ? is empty.
I used a question mark as I forgot what it actually said.
It also say to drag and drop to it?
Any ideas?
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Hi Mike

The exact steps, what software... :)

If you used the inbuilt file explorer process (should be straight forward and simple), did you make sure to burn to disk after you dragged your files to file explorer? It might also be a bit easier to drag a folder rather than hundreds of files... makes finding some white space to right-click easier, there also might be a menu item as well. I prefer to use a slower write speed to minimize the chance of errors.

If you right-click in a free, clear white space in file explorer you should see a menu item (IIRC) burn to disk...? If there's an option to leave the wizard open (rather than close it) after the disk is burned might be a good idea to do this to see what options are available at this point... if you didn't close the session there might be an option to close, finalize, finish the session before ejecting the disk?

Of course you backed up your photos correct? You simply copied a folder over to this disk?

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