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Continually Losing Internet Connection


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I have several devices connected to my FIOS internet (100 up\down). All of the devices except 1 connect and stay connected with no problem using wifi (one of the device is a PC running Win 10). I have a Win 10 tablet from Asus (small 10 " screen) which sometimes connects to the internet but then will disconnect maybe 5 minutes later sometime and sometimes 30 minutes sometimes it just wont connect. I have tried using it is as static and and also as dynamic IP but still same problem. Asus has had the PC back for repair several times and even replaced the motherboard (which includes the wifi adapter) but problem still exists. The driver is up to date and I have uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count. The strange part is that I do not seem to have the problem when I take the PC traveling, only in my house. The PC is about 10 feet from the router and signal strength is very good (my other PC also 10 feet from router never loses wifi connection. Does anyone have suggestions?

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