Connecting between two machines - Simple File Sharing

This tutorial is to demonstrate how to connect to default shares between Windows 8 machines (and to Windows 7).

(Note: All settings are default with Network Sharing turned ON).

From Windows 7/8 to windows 7/8 (default Share folders Users$)

1) Open Explorer, and expand Network, click on the required machine (in this example it’s WDP-Tools).

2) The follow box will appear, put in the username and password you use to log onto the destination machine as illustrated. (Note: you’ll need to put in the wdp-tools\ before the username, as you are connecting to the destination machine)


3) Click OK, and you should now be connected to the destination machine's default share. Within the Users folder you will be able to see all other folders such as My Music, My Pictures, My Videos etc.



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