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Chromium builds newer than v42.0.2283.0 fail with flash

Mark Phelps

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I've been using Chromium for quite a while and, as a result, have been doing upgrades weekly to incorporate the latest builds.

Then, after build 2283, when I installed the next one (2286), I notices that Flash did not work anymore.

I did some searching and found a Chromium page that had instructions for installing Pepper_Flash -- which I followed. But restarting the browser generated an error saying that Flash was out of date!

So, I did some digging. Reinstalling build 2283, I checked the plugins and found that Flash v16.0.0.296 was already installed. Checking the Chromium page, that was the same build number as their download. There does not appear, at least when I checked, to be a newer version of Flash.

I've been hoping that Google would fix this, but each build since 2283 suffers from the same problem.

Someone on another forum said they were using current Chromium builds on their Mac and they don't have this problem.

Not been able to find any recent info about Google dropping support for Flash. Everything I've found is nearly a year old.

Just wondering if anyone knows what is happening. I'm sticking with build 2283 until they sort this out.

UPDATE: Found some details on the Chromium site indicating their plans to drop Flash support the end of 2014. So, looks like this is a permanent problem.
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