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Change the default audio-CD (double click in This PC) play


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Okay, since there are many questions on this topic, none exactly the same as mine, I'd like to make myself perfectly clear.
I know about Default Programs, and I know about Autoplay settings in the Control Panel.

What I want to achieve is use Media Player Classic (comes with the K-Lite codec pack) to open my audio CDs (and DVDs) when I double click my drive in This PC. I was able to set MPC as the default for all media files it supports:


I have also changed AutoPlay settings:

AND I have changed MPC's settings as well:

And still, when I double click my CD/DVD drive (when a CD disc is inside), I see the ugly face of WMP:


I can vaguely remember getting around this in Win7 a few years ago, using some sort of registry hack, but I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore.

What can I do to force Windows to use the player I have chosen?

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