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Change Logon DPI setting in Windows 8.1


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Microsoft added per-user dpi settings. The problem this has created is that there is no adjustable dpi setting for the Lock/Logon screen. Let me explain.

you can change the dpi setting to be the same across all displays and this does affect the icons and font on the lock/logon screen. However it does not affect any app/program that can run on the lock/logon screen.

Ex. I use a 44" flat screen tv for my monitor on my desktop. Big enough for me to sit in my recliner and use my comp. But I don't have a wireless keyboard. And it sucks having the wire from the keyboard running across the floor. Plus I really don't want to keep a keyboard next to me. So I use the on screen keyboard for logging in and quick typing (search, web address, etc.)

So the problem is that with the new dpi setup my on screen keyboard takes up nearly half the screen. I tried looking through the registry to see if I could find a setting for it. In the key HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop there is a string value named "LogicalDPIOverride" with a value of -1. I have a feeling this is where I can fix the issue. I tried changing the value to 0 and to 1 with no change in the result. Instead I noticed that after logging out and back in the -1 value was back in the registry. So now M$ has also added a way for us to not be able to change a setting in the registry. They are making it harder and harder for us power users to be able to do anything with the settings in windows. Soon we will all have the same exact Windows with absolutely no customization.

How can I change this default dpi crap? Can I use the LogPixels string that worked for dpi in Windows 7?

Here are 2 Screen shots 1 of the Lock Screen and 1 of the Logon Screen

Lock Screen.jpg

Logon Screen.jpg

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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