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Can´t use app in my netbook

Good morningGuys

To testW8installedon a netbookthat I have.Installationquiet,but I'mfacinga seriousproblem:

The native resolutionof the screenof thisnetbookis1024x600, and theappmenustart asking1024x768 resolution,ieevery timeI clickon theappthe messagethat myscreen resolutionis too low andcan notuse theapp's.

I tried tochange the look ofMetrointerfaceto theclassicmenu,usingthe methods availableon the internet andwill notin any way.

Changingthe resolutionnative on my lcd isimpossible,someoneknows ifit is possible tochange the resolutionrequiredby theapp'sso I canuse it?

suggestionsare welcome

thank you

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