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Can't See all Available WiFi Connections


Hey Guys & Girls,

I bought a new Asus desktop computer with Windows 8. When I click on the network icon in the system tray, the panel on the right side of the screen slides out to reveal network connections. It reads:

Wi-Fi 2
PHHOME24 Connected

In PHHOME24 the 24 stands for 2.4 which is my 2.4 ghz connection. There is also a 5 ghz connection that my laptops on the network are connected to (PHHOME5) which does not show up under Network. The 2.4 is the only connection that shows up. On my laptops on the network I see 7 or 8 of the neighbor's networks but they don't show up on the Windows 8 Desktop. And yes, the wireless card is an N which supports 5 ghz.

So, the questions is: Why can't I see all available connections and what can I do to see them? I want to connect to the 5 ghz connection.



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