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Can't Run Final Fantasy 8 on windows 8


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My dad downloaded a copy of Final fantasy 8 on his windows 7 computer, he transfered it to my windows 7 computer and it worked perfectly fine. I then transfered it to my new windows 8 computer, but it doesn't work. I click on the launcher, it loads up but the whole thing is pretty much just all white with the exception of the buttons.
I click start the launcher goes away for a couple of seconds then goes back to the way it was, just the launcher being white, and it won't load up.

Btw if anyone says that its illegal for me/dad to download it off the internet, i have the actual copy of the game but some discs are lost and scratched up and it stops at a certain point in the beginning of the game.

I'd appreciate any help thanks.

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I have Final Fantasy 8 via steam and it works.

For you, I think it might be you need to install the game on Windows 8 instead of just moving the Folder from a different OS.
Maybe, Windows 8 handles installs different from Windows 7.

By the way it is currently $12 via Steam if you can't figure out why it does not work.
FINAL FANTASY VIII on Steam or wait for one of these Steam sales.

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