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Can't install driver for Realtek Realtek ALC660/861.


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I installed Windows 8 Enterprise today for testing purposes, I did it for my father too, and I was happy seeing, how well it works. So I did the same on my PC too, but I have one serious problem. I can't install the audio driver at all!

When I try to install it starts installing it, it copies the files of the control panel, and at the end I got error 0xE0000247.

I was "googleing" this error message, and everything I found was related to Windows XP SP3 or other Windows versions, so it wasn't helpful.
So here is the list I tried:

-run the installer in compatibility mode (the driver itself is marked as Windows 8 x64 compatible, but I gave it a try).

-try to install the driver via device manager, it didn't work, once my PC restarted. I must note, there are TWO High Definition Audio device in device manager, I guess, one of them is the videocard's HDMI driver. I installed ATI driver, -I expected, one of them will change, but both of them are still the same.

-I removed the drivers, reset computer, drivers installed back automatically.

-Removed the drivers, reset PC, start the installer. No error this time! But nothing happened. It was looking like a successful installation (compatibility mode was disabled on the installer), I could choose restart now or restart later, so it was looking good. But on taskbar, the speaker icon had that white cross in red circle mark. (I removed the two drivers, so that was because of that, but if the driver was really installed, it should change). Anyway, I restarted the PC, I got back those two cursed generic audio drivers.

-I tried to install older driver, same result.

Well, I'm very disappointed because of that. I don't use my HD 2600 videocard's HDMI, so I don't know, if that works or not. Where the playback devices are, I can choose HDMI for playback, but it is not important as I use analog jack connector for my headphones.

About my mainboard, it is a Foxconn 945G7???? (According to AIDA64, it is Foxconn 945G7AD/945G7MC/945GC7MC/945GZ7MC/945P7AD/945P7MC/945PL7MC Series - so one of them)

Do you need any other information? Any ideas?
I hope, no one asked about this problem already, I was using the search feature, but I didn't find it, sorry, if I was wrong about that.

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Win XP drivers are not compatible with Vista/Win7/Win8. Some audio functions are handled differently in later Windows versions and the reason XP drivers will not work, or work properly.

If you can't find a driver that will work with that Foxconn motherboard you will have to install a separate PCI (or PCIeX1) sound card that is compatible.

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