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Can't get microsoft visual studio to work on windows 8.1

hey guys. i was recently trying to install Microsoft visual studio on my windows 8.1 laptop (dell latitude d620) and for the life of me, i couldn't get it to work. first, i tried to install visual studio c++ express 2010, and it crashed every time i tried to open it (after installing). then, i tried 2012, because i thought it was a prob with OS compatibility. this time, i couldn't even install it before i got an error message saying there was a problem and it closed. after trying to get it to work for some time, i tried the 2013 version. this time, i got farther than i did with 2012, but not as far as 2010 (i didn't install). i would really like for this to work because i just bought a course on Udemy for $10, and i don't want to waste the money. however, if i cant get it to work, i suppose i could put it on my windows 7 desktop. anyways, i need some help here, so if anyone has experienced this that can help me out, that would be great.

thanks in advance, theweasels1. :)

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Fix installers by running as administrator or iso image.

Sometimes, the installers have difficulties. When this occurs the run the installer as an administrator (Right click Run as Administrator) over comes most issues.

When running as administrator doesn't work, downloading the ISO image is next.
Try downloading the ISO image from Download Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop from Official Microsoft Download Center, and burning it to DVD, and installing.

Also, older versions may need uninstalled.

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