Cant get Desktop and Laptop synced with a custom theme!


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Hi, I made sure that both machines are logged in under same account and set to sync everything.
Desktop machine is the Master, so to speak. The wallpaper files are actually physically stored on this machine but not in a library. I created a theme called Jetsetter and it links to those images for wallpaper and screen saver. It is the ONLY theme on this master machine, and it is saved as Jetsetter.

I was hoping that when rebooting my laptop (the slave, so to speak), that I would see Jetsetter appear there too in My Themes. Alas no. The laptop just wont pick up this collection of 314 pictures that are stored on the Master computer.

However, when I decide on the slave computer (laptop) to change my theme to any of the defaults like Flowers for example, it changes it right away on BOTH the master and slave. So its like I can call the shots from the laptop, but not from the desktop. WTF

Why is it that my custom theme wont work on the slave?

If I dont get this figured out, Im going to assume that I just have to dump my entire collection of photos on OneDrive instead of having them stored locally on one machine...

ARRGH. :eek::cry:

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