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Can't find video controller driver


I've installed Win 8.1 32-bit on an older Dell Latitude D630. I works fine but needs the video controller. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can get it? The info for it is below. tHANKS.

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"Phelps Helps"
You put an invalid service tag. However, I was able to search on the model number. The newest OS that was shipped with your computer was Vista. I suggest trying the 32-bit Vista driver. Vista is a long distance from 8.1, so I am not optimistic about your success with it.

ven_8086 looks to be Intel. You might try going to the Intel web site and searching for a Windows 8.1 video driver, a Windows 8.0 video driver, or a Windows 7 video driver.

A more successful option would be to get a USB-to-Video adapter. Here are some examples:

Avoid USB 3.0, because it probably won't be compatible with your computer.

If you can find a PC Card or ExpressCard that provides a video port, that might work for you; and it would probably work better than a USB option. But I have looked all over and can't find one anywhere.

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