Can't disable the Driver Signature Enforcement


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I am trying to install a 3rd party driver which Windows 8 won't allow me, so I have been googling a lot on how to and found that I need to disable the Driver Signature Enforcement. I have tried this: "General -> Advanced Setup -> Restart Now -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Windows Startup Settings -> Restart".
And when it reboots it just reboots like normal and I log in and nothing changes(Meaning I never came to this screen: I do have dual boot with Windows 8 and Ubuntu.

does anyone have any idea on how I can install this driver on Windows 8?

ps. I have also tried this:
Step 1. Open the Windows command promt as “Run as Administrator”.
Step 2. Run “bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS” (without the “”).
Step 3. To finalize the process run “bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON” (without the “”).
Step 4. Reboot and you’re done.
Taken from here:
How To Disable And Bypass Driver Signature Enforcement In Windows 8 | Six Columns

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