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Can't Delete File From Start Menu and Hard Disk


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Okay, so I decided to get Far Cry 3, not knowing I got the lame Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon instead of the main one with Vaas as the game's cover art.

I then decided to uninstall the game from my computer, I uninstalled it and then assumed it was gone until recently I got the official Far Cry 3 and did a search in my start menu typing "Far Cry 3" then I got a surviving .exe application of "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon", alas! The crazy blood dragon version wasn't gone, I was like "what?"

So I thought it was the kind of apps that tries to test your geek skills, then I decided to Forcefully uninstall it again with a third-party uninstaller, iOBit's uninstaller to be precise and deleted all its registry entries.

Seemed like it was gone after I did that, then I got curious and searched again, and still found it there, the weirdest part of it all is, I can't even right click on it to view its properties and stuff, nothing happens everytime I right-click on it in the start menu search results and when I do a search on my disk.

Not being able to right click the file doesn't even give me the option of knowing the exact location of the file, I click/double-click/right-click on it normally, nothing happens!

Please help me, LOL, not like the file has caused any harm on my computer, I just don't want to see it in my start menu's search results and Local Disk search results anymore. It has the default application icon so it has to be a .exe file. I tried copying the file to my desktop, by dragging and dropping it, but I got this weird error, that the file cannot be implemented.

There has to be a way to get this thing off.

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