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Cannot reset my laptop


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Hello I'm Timothy, My Asus laptop is not booting up and directly takes me to the blue screen with "Choose an option". I attempted to reset it and I keep getting errors saying a problem occurred and couldn't complete the task. I have no images, discs, or restore points to roll back to, I've tried Sfc scannow multiple times and every time it says it has fixed problems and will appear on next reboot every time I use it.( I should also note that it does this fairly fast as it's known to take a pretty long time) Startup repair fails taking me back to the blue screen, as does refreshing it saying a problem has occurred like in the reset. I'm hoping there's some hope for me? Maybe some command prompt tricks or UEFI settings, you guys are my only hope, thank you all for your help.

I have an Asus notebook PC Intel Inside
Windows 8.1
Ram: 4 gb
X551M (It was on my box I think it's the model number.. I'm not very experienced in this field)
Please tell me what else you'll need and I'll be happy to get it for you

*I wasn't fully sure but I put it into the drivers and hardware section, tell me if I have to put it elsewhere because no ones responding :-:
Again thanks for your help in advance
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