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Cannot disallow Bluetooth adapter from waking SurfacePro3


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I recently got a Bluetooth mouse. While it's been a great addition to my hardware family, it also has the same tendency as every other wireless mouse I've ever owned, to wake my Surface Pro 3 from sleep. I want to disable that property, so I tried to do what worked on previous versions of Windows: open Device manager and try to configure the mouse, then the Bluetooth link associated with the mouse, and finally the Bluetooth adapter itself, to stop waking the tablet from sleep.

When I tried to make that setting under the appropriate HID-compliant mouse (the only one reporting its location as Bluetooth), there was no Power Management tab. Same story with the entry for my mouse under Bluetooth. Furthermore, the adapter itself had a Power Management tab, but the option I wanted to change was grayed out.

Is there another workaround I could use to prevent unwanted power consumption?

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