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Cannot Change the Lock Screen on Windows 8.1


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I have Windows 8.1 and from time to time I change the lock screen image, which appears initially when my PC is started up.

There has never been any problem with this until a few days ago, when suddenly the lock screen manager within the PC settings page has stop working properly.

Usually the personalise section will contain the main lock screen image, along with the account picture and picture password image (A). Both of these work as normal when I click either image, but when I click the lock screen, I would normally get the large main picture with five smaller images of pictures, that I have chosen or used below it. However the smaller images have now disappeared (B), and although I can choose a new image via the browse button, this leads to lock screen preview image continously in a loading phase (C).

Lock Screen Problem 1.png(A)

Lock Screen Problem 2.png(B)

Lock Screen Problem 3.png(C)

I have tried some of the various troubleshooting methods from Microsoft and other websites, such as searching for the B4FB3F98 file which does exist as 'Other Users' in the Registry Editor, and also the SystemData file which I do not have the permission to delete.

I will very grateful for any information, advice and solutions for this problem.

Many thanks.

PeitL7 :eek::confused::mad:

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