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Solved Cannot boot into Safe Mode, does Automatic repair instead..


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(Windows 8.1)
I cannot boot into safe mode for some reason, I suspect Comodo Antivirus is behind my troubles.. but I have already uninstalled it and my problem is still there..
The Automatic Repair fails and directs me to a log files that says "E:\PCIIDEX.SYS is corrupt."
And so I have downloaded this file from the internet (trusted website), the site tells me it should be in the following directories

1- C:\Windows\System32\drivers\
2- C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\mshdc.inf_x86_74136ef4a48e4644\

I have replaced it in the first directory no problem, but the second directory (folder: mshdc.inf_x86_74136ef4a48e4644) DOES NOT EXIST..
The DISM online check health command detected nothing..
I cannot repair usind Windows disk because its just the same as using Startup Repair (Automatic Repair) which fails because the E:\PCIIDEX.SYS is corrupt

I will attach my sfc / scannow log too
I need to go to safe mode because I have other issues that need to be repaired in Safe Mode.. (programs not having write permissions)
I am stomped and really despaired..


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