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Can I reinstall the original Sony VAIO recovery partitions


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hello Window Eight Forums.

I have a question about my VAIO Notebook/Laptop. It originally came with a lot of Bloatware installed. Which was hindering its potential performance. So I deleted all partitions, hidden and not hidden including all the recovery partitions that come pre installed on a Sony VAIO laptop. I then reinstalled a clean windows 8 version using A windows 8 retail installation DVD I have.

I contacted Sony support about another issue I am having with my 1TB HDD making clicking sounds and I was told.
"Because I have done the above. I am no longer able to receive support from Sony EU. because I have wiped the recovery partitions and original windows 8. and reinstalled windows 8 Retail. Without contacting Fony."

So this brought me to ask these questions...

Can I reinstall the original Sony VAIO recovery partitions to my already installed windows 8 OS.
and is this even possible ?

Fortunately I created 5 recovery media DVD's not long after first use of my new laptop. These recovery media DVD's are basically a complete backup image of everything on my Hard Drive at the point of recovery media creation time. including the recovery partitions and Windows 8.

Windows 8 seems to be running okay at the moment, so I would rather not have to completely format my HDD (again) and start fresh using the recovery media DVD's I created.

Is it possible to reinstall only the Sony VAIO OEM recovery partitions along side my already installed windows 8 retail Using my created Recovery Media ??

Thank's in advance for any help and advice.

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Welcome to EightForums.

You would need reinstall the complete original Sony VAIO install & recovery partitions.

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