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C:\[user]\appdata\roaming\(folder) <<==>> (folder) symlink


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Hi, I would like to create a default symbolic link that then is applied to the same folder in each user's appdata\roaming folder in this case the DocFetcher folder (which I have relocated to a drive with more space on it but I can't seem to be able to change the app's default indexing location, both to save space on C: as the indexes are GBs in size and I only have a (supposedly) 40GB C: drive as well as then only needing one copy of the indexes for all users) but I would rather avoid having to type it in manually for each user in cmd or one of the GUI symlink creators, I tried to make a symbolic link in the default\appdata\roaming folder (on the basis that the 'default pictures' folder is in default and appears in all users' folders) but it hasn't yet propagated... is this correct?
OS info: Server 2012 R2 Datacentre, 4GB of RAM, 36GB C drive

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