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Bug in Windows Live Mail Essentials 2012 Upgrade


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I had Windows Live Mail Essentials 2011
Mail 2011 and had no problems. Then I upgraded to Windows live mail 2012 and
that is when the problems started.
All email comes in fine
All email sends
fine as long as you only send out one contact.
The problem lies in trying to send out a group contact.
It does not go. when trying to send you get this
error msg : imgur: the simple image sharer
I did not realize this problem until i tried to send out a group contact
In fact I put the program on 3 different machines that were upgrades- same problem
Worse, I put this on 8 client computers who
had windows live mail essentials 2011 prior and same problem.
I went to the Micrososft Forum and told them the problem. They have been working with me to
come up with a fix. i sent them logs that they asked for. So far I only see on
the forum "they are working on it"
This is the forum that i posted to Windows Live Mail Essentials 2012 will not allow
group contacts - Microsoft Community

I suggest prior to putting the
new version on you backup Windows live mail first
Also this does NOT happend
if you are putting the program on for the first time and not doing an
It does not matter if you sign into Live Mail with a live account or
you use your own isp, I have tried both and I still cannot send a group

Once uninstalling 2012 and going back to 2011 (you can still get
2011) the group contacts went just fine


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