Bug, Cancellation of file transfer to phone w/ conflicts


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Hi there. I'm a new member to the forum. I couldn't find anything similar by searching with the keywords that came to mind. I couldn't find a more descriptive title either.

I believe I found a Windows bug but I'd like your thoughts on this. Steps: I connect my Android device. I copy a bunch of songs from my hard drive. Then I open the SD card folder (on phone) that I want to paste them. Some of the songs I'm trying to transfer already exist in the SD card folder. So a window pops up informing me of the conflict. I get 4 choices. Replace a single file, do not copy a single file and if I check the "Do this for all conflicts" box at the bottom I can replace all similar files or not copy any of the similar files.

The problem is with choice number 4. If I tick the box and then click "Don't copy" then nothing gets transfered/pasted. It just cancels the copy. This shouldn't be happening. It should not copy any similar file but copy the rest of the files as there is no conflict with them. If for some reason Windows start transferring files that don't exist on destination folder, those files will get transferred and when it comes across a conflict and I ask it to not copy all other conflicts, it just cancels the transfer.

This issue does not happen when transferring files from one folder on a hdd/ssd to another. Just when the destination folder is located on an MTP device instead of a typical removable device.

Why is that happening? Any workaround?

Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit with no new updates to be installed.

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