BSOD while torrent, with windows firewall.


I am using windows firewall to block internet access for a few specific software (chrome an example to prevent auto update) but it's causing BSOD while using internet (both LAN and wifi). steam online gaming would BSOD from time to time (dota2) as well.

for firewall i'd allow all the software and make my own specified in/out rule for blocking specific software and I allow steam/torrent to run but unsure why it crashes.

I have tried these 3 major settings:
1. with windows firewall services enabled and started, thing start crashing left and right like crazy.
2. if I turn off windows firewall services and disable it, it still crash, only way to fix this is restore to a prior earlier image.
3. an image restore prior to windows firewall services enabled, torrent is fine, no problem at all, gaming no crash too.

can anyone figure out how to fix this? I need the firewall to block specific software as there are no other ways to prevent chrome from update its simply retarded, only firewall worked for me out of the 10-20s methods i found online, but it causes problem with torrent and other software.

i have used BlueScreenView.exe to view all the minidump file and each time it involves tcpip.sys when it crash. already tried multiple version of drivers no help.

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    windows 8.1 and server 2012 R2